Lunch and Learn online streaming will go live a couple of minutes before the broadcast is meant to begin. (12:45 on 17 May 2023) You can watch it below (via our YouTube channel)or click on the tab in the top menu of this page.  For the stream to start – click on the red arrow.

Technical glitches does sometime occur with live streaming: if you have difficulties logging into the stream (due to the huge volume of attendees) you can watch it from our YouTube live feeds on:

Be sure to check out our next free webinars by clicking the “Upcoming webinars” tab on the top menu. Registration is free and all registered attendees will have access to the slideshow (if used), resource material referred to in the webinar as well as the detailed webinar handout.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Only people that have registered before the event would have received (after registration) a separate link for the live stream, access to the pre-reading material, access to our resource section containing templates and examples of all documents discussed, examples of affidavits and additional material ***