(LL03-2024) How to complete the J101 maintenance application form


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• Where do I get the form that I need to complete?
• Will someone at the Maintenance Court be able to explain the form to me or assist me in completing the form?
• What if I do not know the details of the other parent?
• How do I complete the section that alleges that the other person is legally liable to maintain the child?
• What if the children live with a caregiver (such as a grandparent) and I want to claim maintenance?
• I do not have a court order and the father seldom contributes to the children – what is the legal position.
• I am asked how much I want for maintenance – how do I calculate the amounts?
• Can I claim winter / summer / Christmas clothes as part of the maintenance order?
• How to complete the section that deals with your assets.
• Detailed explanation of what to fill in as your income.
• How the expenses should be worked out and calculated.
• How do I split the expenses between myself and the children? (Short discussion as this will be dealt with in a future webinar)
This section contains pre-reading material that you should read through at your leisure before the webinar.  The webinar handout you would find on the next tab – we suggest that you download and print the handout / webinar material before the start of the webinar as we will be referring to sections in the handout during the course of the webinar.


Blank J101 application form  
Bannatyne v Bannatyne and Another (CCT18/02) [2002] ZACC 31; 2003 (2) BCLR 111 ; 2003 (2) SA 363 (CC) (20 December 2002) 

Below are a couple of questions to self-test your knowledge. You can complete the form below with your details and answer the questions and you will be sent the correct answers together with explanations within 3 minutes to your email address.


1. According to South African legislation, which of the following Acts deals with child maintenance?
2. What is the primary purpose of a maintenance order according to Section 15 of the Maintenance Act?
3. According to the common law, who is obligated to support children?
4. Who can be described as a "child" according to South African law?
5. In what circumstances are grandparents obligated to support their grandchildren?
6. Is there a legal duty of support between heterosexual cohabitees in Southern African Law?
7. When does a parent's duty to support a child typically end?
8. Can a normal maintenance court change or vary an order issued by the High Court?


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