(LL04-2024) How to calculate the child’s expenses on the J101 maintenance application form


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• The statutory duty in terms of section 15(3)
• Recommendations of the SA Law Reform Commission on how the child’s expenses should be dealt with
• The concept of a “fair” amount when it comes to expenses for children
• Discussion of case law that deals with the calculation of the child’s expenses
• How to divide the monthly expenses between yourself and the child(ren) – different models
• Discussion on grocery expenditures, common household expenditure, educational expenditure, medical expenses and other necessary expenses
• Tips on expenses that are often forgotten when working out the children’s expenses
• Practical tips
This section contains pre-reading material that you should read through at your leisure before the webinar.  The webinar handout you would find on the next tab – we suggest that you download and print the handout / webinar material before the start of the webinar as we will be referring to sections in the handout during the course of the webinar.


Blank J101 application form  
Bannatyne v Bannatyne and Another (CCT18/02) [2002] ZACC 31; 2003 (2) BCLR 111 ; 2003 (2) SA 363 (CC) (20 December 2002) 

Below are a couple of questions to self-test your knowledge. You can complete the form below with your details and answer the questions and you will be sent the correct answers together with explanations within 3 minutes to your email address.


1. What does the concept of "maintenance" encompass?
2. Who determines the question of a proper education for children after divorce?
3. What is the statutory duty of parents regarding child support?
4. How is the maintenance amount determined according to the Maintenance Act?
5. Which model is followed in South Africa for determining child maintenance?
6. What should be considered when calculating child maintenance?
7. What does the term "fairness" mean in the context of child maintenance?
8. How can maintenance be adjusted when circumstances change?
9. What costs are considered direct costs in a child maintenance claim?
10. Which approach is followed in calculating child maintenance amounts in South Africa?


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