The NPA is hosting a Community Dialogue on the Maintenance Act and related issues.


Attorneys, paralegals, social workers, NGO’s and all that deal with maintenance issues could benefit from this free workshop to be held on Saturday 30 April 2022 in Cape Town.

(Full course material will be sent to you a day or two before the event.)

Date: Saturday 30 April 2022
Time: 08:00 – 14:00
Entrance: FREE
Venue: NPA Head Office Auditorium
Address: 115 Buitengrach Street • Cape Town

Seats for the in person attendance are limited. Please book your seat by following the link below

Please book your seat by following the link below. Details of the live stream will be forwarded to you a couple of days before the event.

Topics covered will include:

  • Topics covered will include:
    • Recap of important provisions of previous Dialogues
    • Critical evaluation of the Potgieter v Potgieter case
    • Maintenance Reduction applications (Completion of the J107, “Good cause” reasons for reduction in maintenance -what is “good cause”, Drafting founding affidavit explaining “good cause”
    • Financial disclosures in reduction applications
    • The clean hands principle in CN vs TN and the constitutional case of SS v VVS
    • Office of the Family Advocate (Chief Advocate Shirin Ebrahim & Senior Advocate Nashville Britz) – The role of the Office of the Family Advocate in section 10(1A) and Parenting Plans, Care and Guardianship applications
    • Termination of Parenting Rights where father is absent from child’s life
    • The civil attachment process in cases of defaulting action (How to draft your founding affidavit and J306 application for enforcement)

MAINTENANCE MATTERS: This site is dedicated to conversations about child maintenance. You are welcome to browse through our educational videos and download the necessary documents for your own use.

Should you wish to post a question about maintenance, you could post on any of these Facebook groups where other parents in the same situation (or attorneys or experts as admin of the groups) would assist you.



The NPA Community Dialogue is a free service provided for the community and the all of the speakers / presenters offer up their spare time at no remuneration. Should you wish to host or collaborate with any of the speakers to present a custom presentation on any relevant topic of either the Maintenance Act or the Domestic Violence Act, please email us here


We always need volunteer presenters and volunteers to help out – if you could assist, please be in touch and we would value your efforts and assistance.